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Hey everyone,

I recently had a tattoo covered up and wanted to get your thoughts on the cover up. The artist that did the cover up does very good work in my opinion. The original "USMC" tattoo was very crooked so I wanted to get it covered. I also went through 4 laser treatments before the cover up. Let me know your thoughts. I've attached a before and after image.

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The laser treatments definitely hurt worse than the tattoo but they're really quick. There was actually quite a bit of color in the USMC tattoo. The only black was the actual lettering. The color is definitely harder to laser than black from my experience. What do you think of the cover up?

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you can't see the old tattoo in the pic,but it could be a lot better.I only see one talon,and you can't make out the wings that good.Go to google images and type in Eagle Perched,and take a look at those compared to yours.

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