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Hello, I'm a tattoo virgin and iv came here for insight!


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Hello everyone,

My name is Zlatan (not actually, just a fan of the footballer zlatan ibrahimovic, he has lots of tats btw :)) I like being somewhat anonymous online.

I am 21 years old and am from Canada. I am a tattoo virgin but have always been somewhat interested in getting some.

I told myself that if I can think of a solid idea, and keep that same idea for at least 3 months I would finally know what my first one would be.

I have had the same idea for about a month now. This is what it is:

- I planned ahead and eventually I want 3 names. my moms name, my dads name, and my brothers name (he has sadly passed away).

- I want two of the names vertically down each bicep (centre/outter bicep)

- I want the third on my left pec.

I have been struggling to find many examples of vertical writing tattoos on biceps, (maybe using wrong search words). But I am really keen on finding more examples as I have only seen 1 person with this kind of tattoo.

I am also a natural born ectomorph but have put on a lot of muscle in the past 3 years and have a lean/shredded/soccer player type of build.

I subject my arms to massive pumps twice a week (the skin on my arms literally gets so tight that it feels like it may rip) and have some questions about the affect this may have on tattoos.

Well anyways, thanks for reading and if you have any insight at all from your experiences/knowledge please do not hesitate to let me know! Even if it is constructive criticism.


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I'd say go for it - sounds pretty cool. My one suggestion would be to make sure that the names on your biceps are around the same length, it would look weird if one was way shorter than the other.

My opinion, don't worry about fluctuations in your body weight. It won't matter unless it is very extreme. Like losing so much weight that you have big folds of extra skin type of extreme. I've seen a number of women go through pregnancy and their stomach tattoos look fine afterwards. I doubt you can pump your biceps that much, and they go back to normal after your workout anyways. Everyone is different though, so ymmv.

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