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Career Burnout

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Sometime I come across artists that just aren't into it anymore. Churning people in and out of shops and not doing everything they can to make the tattoos perfect. Taking a lot of shortcuts and not doing anything new or trying to improve.

I don't have any specific questions, I just wanted to get other peoples opinions on the burnout phenomenon.

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Sounds like burnout in any other field. Is there something specific to tattoo burnout that you are interested in?

You're probably right. I just hate to see the spark die and I want to do everything in my power to never let it happen to me. Here's a good question: what keeps you guys interested in tattoos and or tattooing? What do you think kills the flame?

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Filip Leu took a full year off tattooing once, he spent his time playing guitar, painting, getting very very high, then came back to tattooing full force, probably better than ever! It's good to take a break from everything now and again, even if you are in very high demand and have a lot of customers demanding your time...

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