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Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan, I'm a 19 year old tattoo apprentice from Dublin Ireland.

My favourite styles of tattooing at the minute are American Traditional and Neo-Traditional

My favourite tattooers are Valerie Vargas, Andrea Giulimondi, Xam, Dani Quiepo, Stewart Robson, Jean LeRoux, Todd Noble and Steve Byrne

The first (and only) Tattoo Con I've been too was Brighton Tattoo Convention 2015 where I was tattooed by Valerie Vargas :D

Anyways, right now I'm doing a lot of drawing and painting and I'm currently looking to build my book and flash collection so if anyone is looking to trade some paintings, I'll be putting my head down and getting some good stuff soon :)

I'm going to leave it here,



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Hi mate. Welcome! I'm pretty new myself. I have my first tattoo booked with Andrea Giulimondi in August. Can't wait. Do you have any work from him?

I don't have any work by him yet, but my mate has a rose on his neck and a tiger on his hand by Andrea and they're absolutely amazing and healed perfect!

What did you get from him in the end?

- - - Updated - - -

Sorry for the delay guys, here it is fresh!18855-valerie-vargas-girl-head.html&imageuser=50617

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