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practice skin - question for tattooers and apprentices

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The mentor has me working on grapefruits now - which is challenging! He said there are some practice skins on amazon but that he doesn't know if they are any good. Can anyone vouch for them?

PS I know this fruit tattoo was a pathetic disaster.


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Read the forum rules. We don't talk equipment or technique here.

OK. But just for the sake of argument, technique implies "how" to do the tattoo, and equipment implies what you use to make the tattoo (on your end of the machine, otherwise clients would be "equipment", which they are not). This is in the gray area at best. Anyway I'm no good at following rules so I'll give you the win here.

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Dont get any of the pracitice skin its all nothing even close to real skin. Get some fresh pig skin from your butcher. Scrape all the excess fat of the back because thats what makes it smell an trim the edges wipe it down with rubbing alcohol an then wrap it up in plastic an keep it in the fridge. Itll stay fresh an clean for at least a day an a bit. Its way closer to real skin then fruit.

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