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Bodysuit dirty details: ass crack, inner thighs and crotch.

Rad Kelham

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To those with bodysuits or who tattoo bodysuits. How deep into the ass crack and inner thighs is necessary? It's hard to find photos that show these dirty details. I think the reasonable answer is as far as you can see while standing naturally.

I have these areas in progress and am trying to figure out just how far to bring the background up/in. Neither myself nor tattooer are excited about this, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

Photos welcome.

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Mine goes in deep enough so that when I am standing normal, no empty butt crack skin is visible. That seems to be how Dana does all his backs. Also upon close inspection of my butt, I made the comment here that my wind bars are appropriately scalloped in that area. I'd rather not put my special collection of tattoo pictures on the internet. Just kidding I don't have any like that, but they're on my computer.

Regards to social comfort, it's very awkward, but if your guy just plays it professional, you'll both finish with dignity still intact.

Regards to body comfort, for me there were a few tweak spots where you can't help but twitch. It hurts as much as you'd expect, but it ends.

I wish this was a bigger picture. I don't actually have a nice one of the heal product, so I stole this from Dana Helmuth's website.


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I got my underside fully filled in February.

Mine goes deep i.e. <1" radius around the asshole, no white skin with my legs together or apart. I think it looks better if you go as deep as you and the tattooer feel comfortable with. Because it enhances the natural shadow of the body (booty).

It is very intense. The spot where the ass meets the thigh under the cheek is one of the most painful spots albeit one of the most thrilling sits you can have. Both in terms of physical pain and the mental block of spreading your ass for another person to perform the work in the area. You really need to embrace the vulnerability of the session to get through it. And once your ass and crack is tattooed you will have exponentially increased your no-shame quotient! I could care less now if my tattooed ass is hanging out of my shorts! Kiss my black ass!

I was told the skin is very different to work on in this sensitive area. The shading appears to be cross-hatched and I do recall multiple passes, likely because of the type of skin, swelling/sensitivity, hair follicles, etc.

I was face down with my ass in the air, like the sexy-wife-pose lol. Thigh hanging off the table at some points to give my guy some more room to work. I got electric shocked a few times too haha.

I've got my session-report in the Full Back Piece Experience thread (Crazy Tattoo Stories).

In summary, bring a towel or wooden spoon to bite down on.

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