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No more tattoos


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For a while... My house and both cars got hit very bad with a hail storm that passed by yesterday afternoon...

I am going to be deep on deductibles, I already know... :(

This shit is depressing but it is what it is... Fuck it and life goes on. Sometimes there is more important things than tattoos...

Maybe not.. :confused:

LOL Joking!

But for now I am going to finish my leg and will have to put the rest on hold.

:mad: :( :( :( :mad:


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Sorry, XCOM. But, you might commemorate this when you climb out of the hole with.... a tattoo! Good news on roofs (at least the three I've lost) - you get a whole new one that is good for at least 20 years for the deductible. Make sure the use at a minimum the quality that you had. My agent cut me a second check when I showed him that we previously had the same extra-life shingles that they put on.

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