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(There's probably 1,000 threads on this, I searched and couldn't find any though)

For those of you with 1/2, 3/4, full, or anything in between sleeves, post a pic. Ideally a pic of each arm, or a pic of both together if you can manage it. Just want to see how different styles and images look alongside each other! I'm slowly filling up one arm with traditional designs and am brainstorming what I want to do with my other arm (pics of my arm would be a sorry sight, maybe someday :rolleyes: ).

EDIT: I'm even cool with pics of awesome sleeves that aren't on you.

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After doing a bunch of searching I can't believe there aren't any other threads like this!  I was hoping that there would be a thread similar to the back piece thread for arms.

Would like to see more pictures of cohesive sleeves that work as one piece of art.  I've got a collection of images I've saved for my own reference, but it would be great to see what the LST community can put forward.  To help things along.... here's some images from my collection!



















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Cool thread - lots of great examples in here of sleeve or arm tattoo ideas - i myself am a fan of what you see in that posting from @DavidR negative space in between those small to medium size pieces just works for me - i actually dislike when folks take a sleeve like seen in the posting and fill em with stars and dots - but to each his own - i can certainly appreciate a finely tattooed japanese sleev or these geometric style sleeves - not a fan of the 'blacked out' look


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@Rob I, sleeve goals! Your arm looks so nice. Plan to do the same with the other arm? 

Since starting this thread, I still don't really have much to contribute. :44_frowning2: Sometime within the next few months once my finances get in better shape (working part time and filling in a few shifts at my old job here and there) I'd like to start working on more traditional one shots and filling some gaps, since my arms are going to be all traditional.

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