howdy from savannah ga

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Hello I am Josie pi from savannah, ga.

I am an artist who is interested in tattooing and tattoo arts. A tattoo artist in my town recommended this site to me for insight and information, so I am mostly here to absorb.

I also do promotional materials/posters, comic books, and carved skulls.

Unfortunately for several years I made the mistake of scratching, but have put away the machines for the last nine months to focus on building a stellar portfolio. I'm not here to ask anyone how to break in or be a foolhardy idiot, but I do hope to gain a little insight from time to time, and check out what is going on with the tattoo community.

I'd love feedback, critique, or suggestions for items to add to it.

Some of the pieces I've been working on:

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    • I'm a month shy of 25y/o.  I'm just not a movie guy; I'm a comic book and punk guy.  I also like the Mohawk Hot stuff, very 80's-90's NYHC. Wonderful tattoo though, lets not take away from that.
    • Oh beautiful... Just lovely. I especially love the bird on your left thigh. They all look like you take good care of them. I know it can't be but they all look new to me. This must have taken quite a while. When did you get your first leg tattoo done? What's on the top of your left foot? Can't quite tell.
    • I've added a couple since this photo, but this will do. I have both of my lower legs covered now essentially, front and back. Just adding little tattoos I like now and then to fill up the small spaces that I have left. Will probably add some stars and stuff at some point.  
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