Harlem tattoo shop featured in VH1 show sued after woman suffers infection

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I didn't think much of the article when I saw "tattoo gun" but holy balls, did anyone look at the picture of the infection!??! That is some legit TERRIBLE thing to happen someone! Wow. I've always wondered what an infected tattoo would look like - there's always that paranoia when healing large swaths of skin - and now I can for sure say none of mine have ever been anything close to infected.

The picture of her infected tattoo (you gotta scroll down to see it) should be on a sticky somewhere to show what happens if you go to a place with shoddy sterilization procedures.

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I'm skeptical. I have all of Zero experience with tattoo infections, but plenty of experience with infections... Not knowing when that pic was taken, what she was taking etc etc...it looks more like an ink reaction? some type of hypersensitivity reaction?. Bacterial infection...not so sure. No redness, no swelling.... But, who knows, maybe that pic is after 3 days of antibiotics and anti inflammatories.

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I talk to my artist about this article and they also find it some what skeptical but that they do not get it pass that shop to be true. Apparently that shop is famous for been shitty. And for them to be sued 3 times before for similar shit?!? No bueno.

- - - Updated - - -

Google their name and don't be surprise... :)


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