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Hey guys,

I'm Jim from Germany. Im currently 17 but I'll turn 18 very very soon! Once I turn 18 I was planning to get a tattoo on my left pec. I want it to be a symbol I created surrounded by a fire circle. In black, I dont want any color.

I love tattoos and wanted to learn more about them, get some ideas here etc. Thats why I joined.

But about my tattoo. I was gonna ask if I should wait a while. I think Ive reached my final height now but I will probably get wider. I also started to lift weights and gain some weight. Im only 125 pounds! Will my tattoo stretch a lot if I get it on my left pec and over time I'll get wider and more muscular?

Nice to be here guys.

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Obviously this is entirely your decision, but since you asked: I would wait. Not necessarily because of the reasons you listed, but so you have time to really think about the tattoo. This isn't something you want to rush into. Get to know some artists' work (in your area and abroad), look for inspiration not just on the internet but in tattoo shops, books, etc. Then go and get the tattoo.


EDIT: Oh, and welcome to LST!

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    • There's nothing wrong with it. Don't worry. Just enjoy it.
    • It's healing. It won't fully heal for 4 to 6 weeks. Just let it heal and don't smother it with anything.
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