Day 4 healing (question)

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I haven't had work on my calf for so long that I cant remember how this one healed...

I know I had a bad experience with the back of my calf. so..


Is day 4 and this morning I found a bit of ooze with some ink on it. Not allot but some.

I never had this happen but each part of the body heals differently. So brings me to the question...

Is this normal?

Thanks for the help.

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I don't know if this counts but I'm day 4 on my arm and I have a little ooze crust in a few spots too. Mostly where a lot of shading and color went in and on a fairly moble part of the body near the elbow. So it keeps cracking or pulling against its self as I move. It happened to hubby to near his pit as well but healed beautifuly. I'm thinking it's just part of healing in more moble parts of the body.

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Mine did this and they look fine, just was a long and weird process.

I've gotten a few more that I washed just as often with a tiny bit of A&D (way less than before) then lotion every few days when it gets rough (rather than constantly keeping it wet). Thats been more intense but ultimately quicker and easier than before. Generally leaving them alone now

Day 6 off my chest eagle "dry" healing like this and almost entirely peeled and healed without issue. Scabbiness came off a couple nights ago. Stopped the A&D entirely and didn't lotion at all for a couple days after day 3

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I slept in a clean tee shirt each night for the first week to keep the flakes from getting all over the bed. Didn't think I had peeled or flaked much until I looked inside one of the shirts - yech! I normally sleep on the left side (the side I had my shoulder recently tattooed) but tried to sleep on my right this time. I woke up on the left each morning, though. There was only some very mild itch after ~10 days on the edges of it where it had scabbed a tiny amount. The whole thing burnt like a mild sunburn for a day. I washed 2-3 times a day, let air dry and applied Sarah's ointment until it had finished most of the peeling (about a week), then switched to Gold Bond Ultimate Healing with Aloe. I never put on more than a light coat, then blot off all that I can with a Kleenex. It is now two weeks old and looks and feels great! I just want a whole month to go by so I can shave it again (I have really gross shoulder hair).

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