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Greetings from berlin

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i'm here from one reason and one reason only. I'd like to find out WHY people get tattoos. It might sounds like a simple question but believe me it is not.

Many of us do it to remember something, tradition, protection or only aesthetics. Why did you do it?

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Mir gefallen bestimmte Tattoos vor allem optisch. Ich kann meinem eigenen Look meinem Geschmack anpassen mit Tattoos (und auch Piercings).

And zweiter Stelle käme dann wohl die Bedeutung, ob es nun ein Event im Leben war oder etwas das wir mit einer Passion verfolgen.


Mostly I like how certain tattoos look visually. I can modify my own look according to my taste somewhat with tattoos (or piercings).

Second would be the meaning, whether it be and event in my life or something that I am passionate about.

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    • Which tattoos do you not like?  The roses/mandala/triangle?  I think they look nice, and appear to be well done.
    • Mandala on my back was a cover up of a terrible infinity design that I got after passing calculus (not knowing how cliche the tattoo would be)
    • Hello! 🤩   So excited to have joined this site full of amazing tattoos.   So I’m fairly new to tattoos. I’ve always been interested in body modifications and have been getting body piercings since 14. I wanted to really wait until I had the right tattoo ideas. I got my first tattoo at 20 and I’m now 26 with 5 tattoos, or 7 if you count the tattoos under the coverups.   Unfortunately I’m joining this site with an extreme case of tattoo regret for the pieces on my arm. The three were done separately to “fix” or take attention away from the last. Now the whole thing feels like a cluttered mess and I’ve been really sick about it for the last 3 months. I’m looking for advice on what to do next.    im considering these options:   -cover up. Is this possible given the darkness and awkward placement?    -fade with laser removal, then cover up. Still , what would I get that would look good in that spot?    -get more tattoos on the same arm that are disconnected from the current tattoos    -leave it all alone and give up on having more tattoos that I like on that arm   I’m very happy with my other three tattoos.   Thanks for reading. Looking forward to any all advice  ☺️☺️  
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