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I've been lurking for a while, but finally decided to sign up! I live in CT and recently started a new half-sleeve after taking several years off from getting tattooed because I had a baby to care for (physically and financially). I'm so psyched to be getting tattooed again and I really just want to talk about it! ;)

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I can relate to taking care of a baby. In pregnancy and after tattoos weren't possible for me. It was a really long wait because of breastfeeding too and finances needed to be taken care of.

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My re-entry into the tattoo world has only served to remind me how exhilarating it is to see your ideas transformed into powerful artwork AND how much it sucks to heal a tattoo! My sensitive skin never ceases to amaze me - this time around it's an allergic reaction to the sharpie my artist used to free-hand a small part of my new piece. I'm just a delicate flower... :o

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    • See video for what happens when someone tattoos you in an RV - or in this case a car. It's the acceleration, corners and braking that usually cause the issues. It may be possible on a long stretch of highway - but still not usually recommended. skip to 35 seconds in for the educational bit.    
    • I would ask for the deposit back and find someone else,  if you feel bad about it explain you have no more vacation days.  It's not their fault re their current issues - but by the same token it is not yours either and they have already cancelled on you once. The tattoo gods may be trying to tell you something here :-). Anyhow My advice for what it's worth would be  - get the deposit back and find someone else..... Cheers and have a marvellous day. R.
    • Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update. I decided to go through with the tattoo on this coming Monday; but from what I've seen on instagram today, it looks like a family member has passed away and they will be taking some time off, so it may mean I'll be rescheduled again.  Would it be ok if I asked for my deposit back, I feel like it may be too heartless to ask, seeing as how it obviously was out of their control and they lost a family member. But I've used my last vacation day to reschedule with them and most likely won't be free until March next year. I think I should wait until they email me before I decide, but I would want to try to make an appointment with another artist I like asap to not waste my day off. Thoughts?
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