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I've been lurking for a while, but finally decided to sign up! I live in CT and recently started a new half-sleeve after taking several years off from getting tattooed because I had a baby to care for (physically and financially). I'm so psyched to be getting tattooed again and I really just want to talk about it! ;)

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I can relate to taking care of a baby. In pregnancy and after tattoos weren't possible for me. It was a really long wait because of breastfeeding too and finances needed to be taken care of.

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My re-entry into the tattoo world has only served to remind me how exhilarating it is to see your ideas transformed into powerful artwork AND how much it sucks to heal a tattoo! My sensitive skin never ceases to amaze me - this time around it's an allergic reaction to the sharpie my artist used to free-hand a small part of my new piece. I'm just a delicate flower... :o

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    • Okay, so I have a rule with tattoos... I need to want a tattoo for at least 3 years before I get said tattoo. As it turns out, I have wanted TWO completely different sleeves for like 5 years now but I only have one arm available. 

      I decided on one, but I thought about it, and what if I could see both and pick what I like better? Would you think I was an indecisive a**h**e If i asked you to design 2 different sleeves, even if i doubled my deposit as a tip for the second design?

      I'm not actually sure how much time a design takes- if it is a long time and they only do it because they expect the deposit to turn into a tattoo or not..

      Honestly, as I write this, I feel like I'm being an indecisive ****.. if you don't know what you want, don't get a tattoo.. But I do know what I want... 1 or the 2 and  can't go wrong either way lol
    • jesus! so is this unrelated to the tattoo? the tattoo just exacerbated it? very sorry to hear this.
    • Hey everyone! Finally had my biopsy appointment and results.  Sarcoid granulomas. 😞  @bbontheb 
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