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I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Gone aka Checkerboard Man recently at the Edmonton Tattoo Show.

He was super friendly, charming and with a nice dose of crazy...I mean who isn't crazy to go the lengths we all do to get the tattoos we want to express ourselves!

I recall reading about Matt Gone in the early stages of my tattoo journey, I think it was an interview in Skin & Ink and he was on the cover (I was/am really into ska so I was stoked on anything checkered haha). That led to find out more about the checkered fellow and I found his stories, tattoos and motivation to extensively tattoo his body inspiring. It showed me what was possible with tattoos. It also echoe'd my sentiments about tattooing as a way to express myself, assert control over my body and love myself. I also liked how he wasn't simply a circus freak but a dude who was stoked on tattoos and committed to the process, working hard to reach his tattoo goals, no matter how insane they may appear to the average plainskin and tattooed individual alike.

Here's a really cool article about Matt Gone where he talks about his tattooers...he's had some heavyweights do his tattoos like Stell (!), Roy Boy, Sailor Moses, Gil Monte...list goes on.


I really appreciated how candid Matt was about his tattoos and stories. As well as how encouraging he was to get people to strip down, not be shy to show off our tattoos. It was a tattoo convention after all!

I connected with him on facebook this week. I guess one of the event organizers was there when I stripped down to a smile and got this photo taken with him. That exchange along with the spectacle we had at Matt's booth with my buddies with the Paul Jeffries works, had the organizers hire/invite Matt Gone to upcoming Alberta tattoo events. This was his first time in Canada and now has more visits planned for the future.

more info (NSFW)


- - - Updated - - -

still buzzing from the exchange I had with him, really fun

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    • So in the end, they emailed me saying they have to reschedule and they needed to be with family. I asked for my deposit back and they said it was no problem and to just call the shop and ask for it. I think your right atomicmagpye, the tattoo gods are telling me something lol. Luckily I got in with another artist, I was planning to go to anyways, on friday to get the same subject in a different style.
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