My daughter's design - a Mother's Day present!

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I have 3 daughters (22 yrs old and 14-yr-old twins) and for Mother's Day today they gave me money towards my floral shoulder piece planned for August.

One of the twins is an artist herself and drew this bee for me, since bees are significant in my life, and she knew I was thinking about another bee tattoo (separate from the shoulder piece). She knew I wanted something bold, simple and stylized, and though this is pretty dang tribal, I'm impressed and like the design. She drew it up while killing time after a history test last week. I'll talk to my tattoo artist and decide the best place for it to go.


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Cool, it'll have a lot of sentimental value to you. I came up with the design for one of my dad's tattoos (the artist redrew it a little, but still my concept!) and it's awesome to know he's wearing something I drew for him.

Yeah, this is really the thing about it. She is very pleased to know that I'd put this on my body permanently. It helps a lot that it is a decent design - WHEW! I warned her that the artist might tweak it a little and she's cool with that.

She's starting at an arts high school in the fall (the same one her older sister went to, and the same one that Rayvon Owen from American Idol went to) and is focusing on visual arts.

@Synesthesia, what was the design you did for your dad?

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    • As has been said, there's nothing at all you can do for a little while in any event. I've had a knee jerk reaction to a piece before that I was convinced would never settle into my collection and after a bit of time, it looks just fine to me.  Hope you come to like it more, it's a nice tattoo.
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    • The truth is that both of your tattoos will fade anyway with no black outlines. They will probably both just be blobs of colors in a few years. 
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