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non-laser tattoo removal, 2 years 'healed' photos

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Before you decide to do 'non-laser' tattoo removal, have a look at this. 2 years after a single treatment and the client is left with pinkish-white scarring. They came to see my yesterday so we could start fading this with FDA approved lasers in hopes they will be able to get it covered up.

I don't do 'non-laser' tattoo removal, but if you have questions in general about what I do or how it works, please ask me. This type of scarring is not a fair trade-off in my mind.

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Looks like it, thanks @Ducky15568. I thought it would be worthwhile knowing the method since from time to time we get people here asking about particular non-laser tattoo methods. Now we can point them to this thread because the results in the first picture are horrible.

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Just so I put this out there as a disclaimer, I do laser tattoo removal, in case there was a wonder. This client agreed (and signed) waivers for me to use photographs I took of them. They did not recall the brand name of service that was done on them and even if they did disclose it to me, I wouldn't simply put a business on blast.

It most likely was the aforementioned brand earlier in this thread, but out of courtisey to the brand which I have no first hand experience, I won't (and can't) confirm what 'lactic acid' method was indeed used.

I'm just putting this out there as a public service because the client was sold pretty hard on the service by the tech who bashed laser as being far to painful to actually deal with and that this method would be faster and yield better results. In my clients words, paraphrased: the laser treatment was quick with very little discomfort.

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For full disclosure, I'd like to request photos of post and healed laser results.

No problem, I'll get you an update in about 6-7 weeks when the client comes back in. My work speaks for itself though, as does most professional laser operators. Because I'm not here to promote myself / business but rather as a resource for the community, I rarely post progress photos on here. Take a look at my website / social media profiles in the meantime though.

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I just wanna say..I am not in the least bit squeamish by nature, but some of the pictures of these non-laser methods in-progress make me wanna barf. So, so gross and traumatic looking. Knowing that this is the end result makes it kind of a no-brainer for me.

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2nd client in, in a week.

Not happy with the cover-up on their chest they sought out tattoo removal. Several months after having a single treatment with the 'non-laser' type of tattoo removal and they are left with these scarred and discolored dots.

Please, ask questions and look at portfolios of work prior to starting tattoo removal with anyone.

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      So my name is Wes and I'm the owner of a Tattoo Removal business in South Tampa, FL. Before you gawk at at the thought of removing tattoos, a big potion of our tattoo removal business is for individuals like yourselves that might have just run out of real estate and need to remove an old or undesirable tattoo so that they can add a new piece.
      I'm joining to hopefully provide better insight into the tattoo removal business and the available options out there, so your'll find me in the coverup / removal threads most of the time.
      I myself have a few tattoos none that I've wanted to remove (yet), but I have tested our lasers out of curiosity.
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    • By Dennis
      The tattoo isn't even poorly done, and it doesn't look like he has any other work. Strange that you would get a tattoo of that size (which obviously required multiple sittings) and then regret it enough to laser it. :confused:
    • By YOMONEY
      at fade fast. my arm is super swollen. and not like painful-because-of-bruising swollen. but more like lymphadema elephant man swollen. it doesnt hurt at all, but it sucks. is this normal? any advice on how to handle this?
      about the treatment- its NOT painful. uncomfertable- yes. in fact the only time it hurt was when i was thinkng about what its comparable too. my experience was more like tiny pin pricks and stinging. there were some foot wagging and teeth grinding moments, but never was i ready to take a break or praying for it to be over with. there is no way to say it hurts more or less than getting a tattoo, because theyre two different feelings- apples and oranges.
      off the bat, all of my shading as knocked out and some black areas were gone or very faded. it also stings like a sunburn an hour or two after treatment. again, nothing bad. my arm is full of huge blisters now also. they do not hurt, just look gnarley.
      i was scared as hell going into this, nobody should be. its seriously not that bad or as crazy as it looks..
      - - - Updated - - -
      which also makes me think, everything ive read or seen- the prices people are charged, the agony people are put through, and especially the results people are getting, it is VERY important to travel to see somebody with a rep in the tattoo community to get this done.
    • By Mike Panic
      Note to the moderators, this is my leg, tattoo removal being done on me, not a client / stranger / randoms.
      Back in 1997 I started what I hoped would be an epic leg sleeve - and ended up falling out of love with it about a year or two later. I also added to the back, by a different artist, a totally random piece to what you see here and what's on the side. By 1999 I had zero intention of actually finishing it and started focusing more on work, a career and things like that. Since then I've had several other tattoos that I actually like, but have always dealt with what's that? whenever I wear shorts. Thus, I started having them removed a while ago. Since this piece was mostly grey wash, and put in rather lightly, I've had some really great results after a single treatment. Thursday night I sat through a 2nd treatment on this piece and had 1st treatments on the right side of my leg and a piece on the back.

      Healing is going well already and hopefully by the second week of January I can get another treatment.