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non-laser tattoo removal, 2 years 'healed' photos

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Before you decide to do 'non-laser' tattoo removal, have a look at this. 2 years after a single treatment and the client is left with pinkish-white scarring. They came to see my yesterday so we could start fading this with FDA approved lasers in hopes they will be able to get it covered up.

I don't do 'non-laser' tattoo removal, but if you have questions in general about what I do or how it works, please ask me. This type of scarring is not a fair trade-off in my mind.

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Just so I put this out there as a disclaimer, I do laser tattoo removal, in case there was a wonder. This client agreed (and signed) waivers for me to use photographs I took of them. They did not recall the brand name of service that was done on them and even if they did disclose it to me, I wouldn't simply put a business on blast.

It most likely was the aforementioned brand earlier in this thread, but out of courtisey to the brand which I have no first hand experience, I won't (and can't) confirm what 'lactic acid' method was indeed used.

I'm just putting this out there as a public service because the client was sold pretty hard on the service by the tech who bashed laser as being far to painful to actually deal with and that this method would be faster and yield better results. In my clients words, paraphrased: the laser treatment was quick with very little discomfort.

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For full disclosure, I'd like to request photos of post and healed laser results.

No problem, I'll get you an update in about 6-7 weeks when the client comes back in. My work speaks for itself though, as does most professional laser operators. Because I'm not here to promote myself / business but rather as a resource for the community, I rarely post progress photos on here. Take a look at my website / social media profiles in the meantime though.

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2nd client in, in a week.

Not happy with the cover-up on their chest they sought out tattoo removal. Several months after having a single treatment with the 'non-laser' type of tattoo removal and they are left with these scarred and discolored dots.

Please, ask questions and look at portfolios of work prior to starting tattoo removal with anyone.

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