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Just wanted to say that I think this site is great. I hope it continues to grow more. It's nice to see a lot of friendly and open minded artist and collectors having good discussions. A little about me. I'm an EMT, saving lives for a living ;). I'd love to be tattooing for a living. I'm in the middle of a bit of an unusual apprenticeship. I live in SC, which just recently passed a law to allow tattooing in the state. The county I live in however has not agreed to allow tattooing. So, I'm kinda part time and do a lot from home in conjuction with my artist, that works in GA. It's taking longer, but hopefully it'll work out and I can jump into actually working on people and get into a shop. I've gotten a lot of negative comments from others sites, because I'm "not 100% dedicated" in their eyes. Anyways, I'm looking forward to jumping in some great discussions, and getting to know everybody.

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The tattoo conversations have been fun plus a nice balance of positive & construct criticism since the site was launched. Also some of the quality of tattoo pictures plus everything else tattooers and tattoo collectors have been contributing has been great. Thanks for joining us and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have.

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    • Heres 3 that have tattooed me recently (ish) and are selling stuff (I've put in orders to Elharper and Swearjar- Ben is doing Vans) - UK based of course. And... Ive attached a 3 years (give or take a month) photo of one of my magpies by Mr Dunning  - just done on the right - today on the left - yes I know it's the wrong way round Actually  - while none of us is getting tattooed - how about a pic of your favourite that you have had inked  (or favourites that you have had inked) and a link to Instagram for the artist  (or artists) what do you reckon?🙂
    • My appointments with Garver and Rubendall were cancelled. Blah. That being said, I do have a cool commission happening. 🙂
    • Just get it touched up again.
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