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How's it going, LST?!

Nick W

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Haven't been on a message board in a long time, so here's an introduction:

Name is Nick, mid-20's, grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Portland, and have a fair amount of tattoos (close to a full sleeve, and two pieces elsewhere). Really wanted a tattoo at a young age just to coincide with deviance, though starting my half sleeve I developed an deep appreciation to the history, culture, and craft of tattooing. Even wrote a few papers in college on tattooing.

Eager to post on LST and learn more on tattooing (and shootin the shit).


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First two are by Nick Schreck at Blue Line Tattoo, La Crosse, WI. Half sleeve and forearm piece:



Old shit pick, but next one is a lady head by Aron Dubois at Scape Goat Tattoo, Portland, OR.


Opposite arm is a small piece by Tim Bradly (guest spot @ Blue Line, La Crosse, W):


I have one more I just need to take a picture of, and I have a piece from Jef Whitehead currently healing.

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