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Red Only Lines

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Dear wonderful interwebbings.

I have searched a few threads now regarding red ink, and mostly I can only see discussions about bad reactions or the longevity of shading.

What I'm hoping to find out is how your red line work has held up over time, or if you're an artist, whether you would recommend this approach.

Hoping to get some new mandalas soon, but I would love at least one of them to be just done in red.

I've seen a handful of images online, however these look very fresh so of course the colour looks great.

If it helps, I'm slightly olive skinned. Hoping to get this on my upper thigh, so it's rarely exposed to the sun (with the exception of annual vacation), a few small tattoos and one 4/5 hour mandala on the back of my lower leg and ankle. All black. All held well.

Much thanks in advance

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Hate the idea of red lines. I have some 10 years old roses with red lines - and they sucks! Can´t really see what they are supposed to be any longer.

But of course it can look good if it´s done right. Hoyer did red lines in a flame who is a small part of the tattoo, and it looks killer.

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