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I just trolled myself!

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I'm not sure what brain bug got me started on tattoos in porn this morning, but somehow I got to thinking about it, and then I thought "well, maybe there are some good tattoos out there" and navigated over to (what looks to be) a well-trafficked porn site, and typed "tattoos" in the search box.

Sure enough, I see plenty of tattoos. I'm looking at this girl's thigh piece when all of the sudden: vagina! I blinked and resumed looking at the tattoos, and then: butt hole! This kept happening and annoying me for awhile before I fully realized that I was watching porn and not looking at a tattoo website.

Facepalm to the nth degree, because I totally knowingly went to a porn site to look at tattoos, and then got annoyed at all the T & A ruining my tattoo experience, and then realized T & A *was* the experience, and I had just trolled myself.

PS - I also read playboy for the articles. ;) <drops mic> Val out.

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    • QQ for you - how big is the Higg's piece? Would you be sitting for over 2 hours? I'd say if you really feel good and it's on your arm, I'd go for it but don't bullshit yourself on how good you THINK you feel. Be really honest with yourself. No sense in crashing yourself if you really don't think that you are up for it!
    • I'd still call your doctor and ask their opinion.  I'm betting that they might advise against it, you know docs and liability.  But, if I were in the same position, really wanted it and was in good health, I'd probably go ahead and do it. My wife's an RN and I just asked her.  She said that she wouldn't think it would be a problem as long as you keep any appendectomy incision bandaged and clean your tattoo as recommended.
    • Hey everyone, I just had a laparoscopic appendectomy 8 days ago. Everything went well. There were no complications. Normally I wouldn't consider getting tattooed for awhile due to possible immune system problems. The thing is, one of my favorite artists is in town next weekend. He moved from Mass to Brooklyn and if I don't go see him next week I may have to wait a year or so before he's around again. I just want to get a small piece of Dan Higgs flash on my arm nowhere near the site of the surgery. Do you guys think this would be ok or am I putting myself in danger? I know people are going to say "ask your doctor" but I'd like the advice of people who actually have and know about tattoos. Thanks in advance. 
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