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Heading to Oakland, California to see Freddy Corbin at Temple tattoo to get inked for our 25th wedding anniversary.

Appointment is noon, Tuesday.

Daniel Higgs did the original wedding tattoos at Realistic Studio in San Francisco and Freddy was in the shop watching and making comments while he was doing us. Daniel doesn't do tattoos any more. So our first choice is Freddy to keep spiritual continuity.

The wife and me are getting a "25-XXV added somewhere . I am also getting a "Dragon" mixed into it...

I'll keep you up to date.


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Sweet, Now that is a great idea. We both like it. Nothing is set in skin yet. It will be in the discussion.:eek:

Congrats on your silver wedding anniversary :) What about adding Ag into the tattoo? (Ag being Silver on the periodic table). It's just a thought.

Look forward to seeing the finished piece :)

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I grew up with the periodic table, most folks won't get it without explanation, (oh well) :p

We'll see what it is we do for sure. Mine might/probably take more than one session.

We will see Freddy together. It's been years, Tons of anticipation...:o

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Here it comes. The session with Freddy was awesome.

We started here.

The original tattoo by Daniel from 25 years ago.


- - - Updated - - -

We put an XXV for "25 years" with it.

This is the image what we worked from for the dragon.

The guitar body and pick guard was done by Antonio Tsai.

He is a inlay artist based in Vietnam.


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Freddy was like hanging out with an old friend. What a cool person.

His interpretation of my dragon guitar and tying it and the XXV into the original Higg's tattoo. Wow.

Every body in the shop was way cool. Always busy, at one moment there was the buzzing of 5 machines going.

We both are very happy with our tattoos. They are everything we hoped for.:D

I'm already imagining more ink. We don't know if we can wait for the next major anniversary...;)

And a bonus Seth in the background. Looks great, I am stoked it worked out so well for both of you.
@PopsBdog I fucking love yours :) very pretty x

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Thank you, It's fun to share.

The level of appreciation here is why I joined.

I mostly lurk, but it has been fun posting.

Most uninked folks don't quite get it.

Love this story, and those tattoos are so great - can't get over how good that dragon is! Thanks for sharing with us.

- - - Updated - - -

That was Freddy's third ear tattoo in thirty years.

@PopsBdog loving it :) love the ear tattoo

I'll do another post of photos after they heal.

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