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What's on the top of your arm?

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Hi guys. I'm booked in with Andrea Giulimondi in August to start on my left arm. I intend to start at the top and work down. I don't know whether to start with a lady head up top or one of the wicked scenery tattoos he does. For inspiration I thought it would be cool to find out what all you guys have on the top of your arm/outer shoulder area. Post some pics if you like. Cheers

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Remind me - I'm doing that part of my arm Saturday. The front of my bicep didn't hurt at all. How about this spot? I'm already expecting a couple of annoying nights, because that's the side I sleep on. (place holder for a picture of my upper arm :) )

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    • looks normal to me, it will take at least 6 weeks to heal and more to settle in.
    • hi just got this two weeks ago wondering if it’s healing normal or does it look weird 
    • I have a date set to get this design on my forearm. I’ve heard that fine lines and pointillism can sometimes blur easily so I am a bit worried that the grey pointillism leaf will blur out quickly. Any thoughts on if this will happen and how long it would take? Additionally, if this were to happen would it be possible to touch it up and somehow make it more crisp? For instance, by outlining the leaf with a thicker black line in the future if it were to blur? I just don’t want to end up with a grey blob I can’t do anything about on my arm in 5 years! 
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