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So Saturday I got asked if I I wanted to do a Geo/B&W Realism Portrait for this upcoming expo in SA. I jumped all over it, When I got the details I found that the portrait is of a woman, I still was ok with it...

Well it turns out the wifey is not ok with me getting a woman portrait specially realism and on my thigh. So this AM I had to back out...

I suspect the artist was some what suspicious because he did ask me... Are you ok with a woman portrait?

Shit... I am ok, Is all good with me!

BUT on the mist of discussing the plans for this week end we had the talk of the pieces I am getting up in SA... Than it hits.... Huge argument wish I quickly lost... Than I had to go back and think at one of the things I allways preach about... I am not the only one that is going to look at this for the rest of my life.... So is my wife... So I had to go back to rule number "If the wife is not happy, nobody is"

This one was my fuck up...

I feel horrible and depress.

Not only because I didnt think about my wife but because I possibly fucked up a spot for my artist.

I did told him that I am open for anything else just cant do a womans face... :( :( :(

- - - Updated - - -


We are still a go. We change the subject matter, YAY!!!!

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Sick you were able to keep the spot and change the subject matter!

realism, especially a face.. IMO should be something that you choose, not your artist.. even if you are good with having that work of art, it is a face that would be on you forever, and you did make that a promise to your wife to be with her forever too!

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My wife seemed kind of flattered by the cameo of her (of course, it was done from a 34 year old photo). I can kind of understand them not wanting their husband wearing a permanent likeness of some other woman - even if it is a random one.

Don't get me wrong my wife and I love each other very much. 13yrs in to our marriage (not counting our time before) and 3 kids... We both understand that things can happen.

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