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wearing a watch over tattoos

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I always walk around stark naked, as to not obscure any of my tattoos

No but seriously... For me, part of the tattoo magic is that whole tattoos seldom gets seen in the best angle and the best light for a long period of time when you view them on other people. It's part of the charm I think, that they are a bit secret in that way. I love seeing just glimpses of well made tattoos pass by on the street or half a tattoo peek out under somebodys sleeve. Sometime the mood is right to ask them to show the whole tattoo, sometimes that's not the case.

In my opinion, my tattoos are for my enjoyment first and foremost anyway. I don't think about how other people will or won't get a good view of them (except for job interviews or formal settings when they could be distracting) Talk to me in a tattoo shop or convention setting and I'd be happy to drop my pants most of the time. Not to be too much of a elitist snob but I think tattoos are for the initiated, who love and respect the art. I don't bother a lot with how my tattoos are viewed by "plainskins" when I'm out and about in every day life.

Wear the watch or don't wear it, whatever you feel like that day. And enjoy your tattoos. There enough is time to get naked in front of mirrors in your privacy or with whoever you want to share it with.

Just my 2 cents

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So, now that I have tattoos on my lower arm, I find myself in a dilemma. Wearing a wristwatch will be on top of my tattoos.

What do you guys do? Just wear the watch over it? Switch to pocket watches? Does it affect the wear of your tattoo?

I don't wear a watch,(my phone is a good clock for me) actually the only jewelry I ever wear is my wedding ring.

but like was said,IMO the watch will have no effect on tattoos ,

the only thing I can think of is may not be as sun tanned under the watch maybe.

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