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what's up dudes and dudettes!


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Hello LST forums, my name is roy and i've just recently registered on this forum!

This is my story.. I would like to hear your opinions.

So i got my first tattoo when i was only 15, HUGE mistake! I got a tribal tatt on my forearm that looks exactly like this. http://tribaltattooist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Tribal%20Tattoo%20Forearm%2002.jpg

Couple months later, i get a few laser tattoo treatments. The tattoo is still slightly dark but I'm sure it can be covered up by almost anything.(I will upload a picture of it upon request)

anyways, this situation has changed me in many ways. I made me very self aware and insecure, as well as depressed sometimes. I've been hiding my tattoo with long sleeves for 3 years now. Only a couple people even know i have it.. It's totally fucked up my social life. I know it's stupid but at the time, i believed that my tattoo would be removed so i thought i was just covering it until it completely dissapeared. But tattoo removal didn't work so great for me and now I'm seeking a cover up tattoo. Summer is here and i DO NOT want to stay home or make excuses to go outside anymore. I want to be able to wear short sleeves without feeling embarassed and ashamed.

So since i've given up on laser removal, I've been looking into a cover up. The problem is, I can't decide on what style I want to start my sleeve(yes, although my first tattoo scarred me a bit, I'm still really into tattoos and do plan on getting several more!). I want to get a cover up of a japanese style tiger, and eventually work my way up the sleeve with a koi fish on my shoulder and then potentially a large dragon on my back. However, i also have another idea of having smaller tattoos to create a sleeve (wolf in sheep's skin, lion with crown, skulls and roses, etc).

i feel like you can't really go wrong with a high quality japanese sleeve and i'm also a bit scared that i'll regret my cover up.

what are your thoughts on my story and opinions?

Thank you all for taking your time to read this!

feel free to ask any questions

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yes, i have one! Alex mcwatt from three kings tattoo. do you have any recommended artists that i should do some research on? i think i'm going to go with a japanese style on my cover up.

solid choice! sounds like all you have to do now is stop by his shop to see what he thinks will work best as a cover up.

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