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    • Like I said in the ps, I know it's technically well done, it's just almost the exact opposite of what I asked for. Maybe if I was seeing it on someone else I would be able to think it's pretty, but on me it makes me want to cut it off myself as I wanted all of my pieces to match, and I already love my first one. I wanted something delicate, abstract, with no hard edges, everything smoking out, and that frames my side well, and instead I got bulky, realistic, mass that has some weird watercolor added to the edges as an afterthought and doesn't fit my body at all. I know I can't really do anything in this moment, I'm just trying to feel out my options, as I need to know if I have to start saving for a removal.
    • You can't do anything until it heals, so wait it out and see how you feel in a month or two. It's a nice looking tattoo and looks well done. You've got a better chance of turning it into a mess than improving it, IMHO. What exactly don't you like about it? 
    • It would be much bigger, darker coverup. It is possible, but it won't be a watercolor.
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