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56 minutes ago, bongsau said:

@cfmartin67 man, those are such amazing skull tattoos!  I like how the layer in behind. Remember seeing a glimpse of you getting them done on the IG feed and was like wow. I salute your skulls with my panther !

It's like the people who don't have the pits done try to scare you away from doing the pits...but the people who have experienced the arm pit tattooing tell you it's a breeze, at least that was my experience leading up to pit-day.

Yeah, arm pits ain't so bad eh? One of the more enjoyable tattoo experiences I've had, highly recommended spot. Cheers

Thanks for the kind words and of course they hurt. All tattoos hurt, but not as bad as I expected. Also, having Filip Leu tattooing you kind of puts you in awe! These were the last two big spots I had and he was getting them both!

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On 26/11/2017 at 3:56 AM, nobodyloveme said:

My coworker has his armpits and he said it was really easy. They look great and he keeps his pits shaved as if he has a date every night. I know these spots were saved for sexually graphic material in japan according to some traditions. Either way I think it looks awesome. To the guy who got the panther in his arm pit whoever came up with that idea fit that perfectly. I love it!

The scalloping on my inner arm comes down fairly deep so I'm going to whip some shunga up in the armpit but my inner bicep still needs something to fill the gap. Suggestions on a postcard.

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