hello from sweden

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hello Last Sparrow!

just came across this site a week ago ore something.. and i have to say that these interviews Scott makes are really awesome!

and it seems that that the skill and knowledge here is more "true" in a way..

and like there is more respect for tradition and the history of it all.

Im a Swedish 29 year old guy now living in Norway and the capital Oslo to be exact.

got in to tattoos maybe 5 years ago starting out small with some tacky red stars on my arms hehe and then gradually getting more of an obsessed fanatic that i am now maybe a year ago.

Marius Meyer of invictus oslo is doing a massive koi backpiece for me right now but other then that im trying to get around as much as i can and spend all my money on new tattoos.

some of the lists ive seen on this forum really impress me and fucking makes me jealous haha

but in my short time as a "real" collector i feel i have a small but solid list of tattooers on my skin..

these guys to me are some of the very best and i have massive respect and feel truely blessed to get the chance to get tattoed by them.

Jim Miner (owl on my lower arm)

Yutaro Sakai (dragon on lower arm)

Seth Ciferri (small skull,arm)

Scott Sylvia (snake thru neck)

Jeff Rassier (owl,heart chestpiece)

GRIME (skulls, both hands)

Phil Holt (on going gipsy lady inner arm)

George Campise (Seamonster thingy, shinleg)

Steve Boltz (dagger,arm)

Marius Meyer (koi fish,backpiece on going)

also old stuff from Morten Enger (R.I.P),Morten Overlie and Pero all from Oslo

and Ricky Larsson from sweden.

also planning my next trip to the states..

only have Mike Roper booked so far..

hoping too find more good artist here on this forum to add too my growing wishlist..

its alot of namedroping but i would love the get tattooed by.

filip leu

Mick tattoo

Matt shamah


Hunter Bailey Robinson

Bert krak

Eli quinters

Chad Koeplinger

Mario Desa

Isaac Fainkujen

Mike Shea

Seth Wood

Uncle Allan

and many many more!

ok enough now.

have a nice day folks!



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Hey! Good to see another Oslo resident on this Forum :)

I'm sure I speak for everyone here in that we'd love to see some pictures of your collection!

You're booked with Roper you say?? What are you getting done? I'm jealous beyond words :)

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Oslo is tha shit! hehe

u got really good stuff aswell! I really like the marius frontpiece! fucking awsome!

yes i im going to tempe in january 2012 to do a tiger on my thigh! im going big!

yea im so stoked about it!

hes stuff is so fucking cool.


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Robin thanks for joining our tattoo forum. Both list are impressive. Are you just going to Tempe when you're out here or stopping in a few places? Look forward to more tattoo pictures and travel stories as well..........

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thank u!

im really loving the atmosphere of this forum!

im going to stop a few more places.. i really wanna go to new york

so many good ones there i dont even no where to start hehe

and hope to get back to SF.. i missed Lehi an Puente last time so..

state of grace and horitaka would be awsome to..

Portland aswell.. Kundell..

thanx for this awsome forum!

much love


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Thanks for joining us, your collection is awesome. If you do make it back to SF, let us know, we could have a little LST get together while you're in town. Thanks so much for sharing your gallery!


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