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foot tattoo healing question

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hey guys, just wondering if i can get an opinion real quick. i got my foot tattooed in what will be 3 weeks ago this coming up Wednesday and while most of it has FINALLY stopped peeling, some places (like the side of my foot near the heel) are still peeling like crazy.

i usually play some pretty intense basketball 2 or 3 times a week and i haven't been able to play in almost a month (since i also got more work done on my back a few days before getting my foot done). so my question is, would it be ok to play basketball, or wait until the foot stops fully peeling? i never had a peel this long, most of my peels stop in about a week and 10 days at most. i am getting so restless not being able to play basketball. thanks.

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whats your primary concern

are you concerned with the tattoo getting messed up

my gut would be that its on ya now

and the full healing could still be awhile to go

i'd say go play ball and see how it goes

i'm currently healing my shin - coming up on 4 weeks

and its taking its sweet time

but its summer

and i love to bodysurf - so fuck it

thing is

since the art lives on your body

anything can happen to it

gotta live though and enjoy

curious to see some other feedback

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