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This is starting off as a really hospitable forum. So, first and foremost let me start off by saying....Thanks!, thanks for having me!!

My name is J.Christopher Schanche. My friends have always called me Lefty or Jay.

I have been tattooing for a solid ten years now in the twin cities, Minneapolis, Saint Paul area of Minnesota.

I currently work at Northeast Tattoo with a great crew.

I'm all about my family and have been married for 8yrs to my lovely wife Rebecca.

I look forward to seeing where sharing our ideas and hard work takes us on this forum.....

Tattooing has been very good to me, with love for the tattoo and respect, ~Lefty

p.s. I will get on posting some pictures up as soon I can...

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Hey Lefty,

Thanks for joining in! I was wondering if you've read Nick Collela's blog on finding a balance regarding family? If you've got the time, as you've said that family is your main concern and you've been married for 8 years, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Either way, welcome, and we can't wait to see your pictures and hear your stories! Thanks for saying that you've found our site hospitable. We really want to keep it a friendly place, and we're aiming to limit gossip and bickering. That doesn't mean we don't want to hear your scandalous stories if you've got 'em, just no names! Someone posted a story about apprenticing under someone who pulled a gun on them for not making needles fast enough, I thought that was pretty awesome.

If you have interest in writing a blog or submitting any articles we're open to whatever you've got-

Take care,

Dari (Scott Sylvia's wife)

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Thanks for joining us Lefty. That's a beautiful part of the state and often times an over looked city in my opinion by many. Where is the shop located? Look forward to your work.

Until then.....


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    • Hi  not sure if I'm hijacking a thread here ,newbie. Can anyone tell me the meaning of this tattoo . Very unusual. Thanks
    • Hi, I've got an appointment in 3 weeks time but I've been having thoughts about changing the design. I thought I was dead set on what I wanted but then I wasn't sure about size and placement as I thought I wanted it smaller but my initial design wouldn't look great smaller. I've just thought of another design that would work smaller. Also as this is a tattoo for my son I feel this new design is more indicative of our bond so I want to feel completely happy on a personal level that I choose a tattoo that reflects our bond best. Im just frustrated with myself that id never thought of this idea before as if I had, I would've gone with this rather than changing my mind. As a tattoo artist, would you feel annoyed about having to change design 3 weeks in advance? How likely is it that you would have drawn the original idea up this far in advance? Im happy to pay a bit more if she has already drawn it and therefore needs more time to redraw new design, ive already paid £100 deposit so not sure how much more generally I'd need to pay. I know every artist is different though.
    • Thanks man! I like the idea of an engine actually and it would fit really well with the cog theme. As my plan is to do 1 nature piece followed by something manmade, I'll probably do a rose/set of flowers into an engine below. Also gonna go back on Wednesday to get the lion eye shaded in blue, which I think would look quite cool
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