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Question on shoulder/muscle pain

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Got my first tattoo a little over a week ago on upper arm/shoulder area.

The tattoo and surrounding area seem perfectly fine, no pain, minimal to no scabbing, started peeling a bit....pretty much a perfect first experience.

In the last few days I've started feeling some shoulder/muscle aches...is there any possibility that this indicates some sort of infection, despite no visible signs on the surface?

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More likely the positions you unconsciously put your body in due to favoring that side.

Yeah...I kind of figured I must be sleeping in an awkward position to try to avoid leaning on it but, just seemed to be going on longer than I thought it should.

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If the tattoo is healing well I wouldn't worry about an infection. If you start running a fever, have increased swelling in the area, puss coming from the wound, then you have something going on. Like Pid said, I might just be due to how you are holding your body. During this time of year a common cause of muscle aches and cramps is dehydration, so make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Disclaimer: I am not a Dr., but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night. If symptoms worsen or don't improve in a few days, make sure to follow up with your regular Dr. and or your tattoo artist.

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Hopefully you’re still active on this because I’m experiencing the same problem but my tattoo is 5 weeks old. The pain actually started 5 days ago. The thing is I haven’t been lifting anything or laying on it and I still have muscle pain throughout my arm but mostly on the upper arm where the tattoo is. How long did the pain last and was there any infection ? I’m done pealing and everything too 

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    • oof. yeah one's mileage will definitely vary
    • A tattoo I had that was infected had every bit of color fall out. Like ALLLL of it. It was a few months before he could touch it up.
    • I had a similar problem: I wore jeans (I have to work) and they chafed my then-new tattoo, causing scabbing, and then discoloration. While getting other work done with my artist, I asked him about it and he said to wait. Here we are a few years later, and the color has healed fine: there's no brownish red anymore where the scabs were. So a touch up isn't necessary at this point. Now, the color falling out is a different issue, which will most likely need a touch up, and my tattoos are tebori, but the lesson is that allowing the body to work its magic over a longish period of time isn't an unreasonable or unheard of thing.
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