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Wyatt Strange

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How's it going guys?! Just recently found this place while searching through examples of back and chest pieces, browsed through the forums roughly, and saw it looked like an awesome community. So here's my introduction:

Figuring most users on here will be of all ages, I think it's safe to say at the age of 21 I'll be amongst the younger crowd. Anyways, my name is Wyatt, I live close to the Los Angeles area, and I just started getting tattooed close to a year ago. I was never against tattoos but never intrigued to them. I have always enjoyed drawing and art since I was a kid but never connected Tattooing as an art or thought of it that way until over a year ago when I really started looking into it getting one for myself. I just had that stereotypical view that tattoos are just what criminals and bikers have and they're generally done in some scumbag's garage (no offense to any artist). But like I said I was never against them I just thought that's all that tattoos were.

Fast forward a year later after getting my first one and many more- and I'm completely fascinated with the tradition and history of it all. I find myself using Instagram to continuously come across new artists (young and old) and probably spend more time looking at tattoos than I do at looking at what my friends are up to. It definitely makes me want to learn more about the roots and the true pioneers of tattooing but I think I'd learn more from those with the stories and backgrounds than I would on a summarized paragraph from some snobbish prick's blog.

Anyways, excited to be apart of the forum, and hope to see you guys around!

Sincerely yours,


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All your works are bold and beautiful:cool:. I really like the Dagger through your neck. Did it hurt too bad on the boney bits of your shoulder ?

Thank you very much! :) The dagger wasn't too bad at all, it brushed up on my collar bone a little bit and that was an odd feeling but it was very brief on that area. Other than that- the tops of my shoulders were a breeze, and I'm a super skinny guy so I was curious how it'd be in that area as well. But Austin Maples knocked it out in 2 and a half hours and was extremely genuine and personable, so I think that's what made the experience that much better.

I haven't been tattooed anywhere else but my arm, but I'd definitely say the inside of my forearm where I got my snake rose was really annoying, sensitive skin and after maybe 3 and a half to 4 hours I was over it lol. The elbow wasn't fun either but to answer your question simply, the tops of the shoulders were nothing to be worried about.

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