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Tattoo Idea

Marco Falcone

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Welcome, again! How big do you plan to get it? I'd say avoid wasting good real estate making letters very big. But make it big enough it doesn't turn into a blob because it's not recognizable as an actual word, and find a good tattooer who does solid clean lettering. There are many roman letter/numeral tattoos that look a little sad because the letters weren't spot on. It's also really easy for roman letters to look like they are stamped onto the skin rather than flowing, or looking like they are part of the person. If you want that look, that's fine, but personally I don't like the look that it might have come from a rubber stamp.

Ugh - the roman numerals and roman lettering running along the length of forearms and biceps and across the ribs. Please, world, stop doing that!

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