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full back phoenix - toronto artist for this style?


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I want to get a full back piece (I have a curved spine too, so I need a talented artist to make it work)

I've been to Rice Eyes before and it turned out pretty good, and he did it fast (5 hr (almost) half sleeve compared to my 4 hr calf tattoo elsewhere) I attached a pic.

What I want is a phoenix rising from it's ashes, as a symbolic reference that even from ashes, you can raise up in burning glory.. Perhaps the phoenix only 95% complete with it fading into floating ashes at the end of its body, if you get what I mean.. Kind of like this style, but obviously my own tattoo: http://designoftattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Phoenix_Tattoo_Full_Back.jpg or something realistic (as realistic as a flaming fictional bird can get)

I've been debating going back to ricceeyes, or going to the guy my family goes to (https://instagram.com/omriamartattoos/), or pearl harbor gift shop or something else.

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