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What do you think of this guy?


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Is this a page for a shop or one person? I'm confused. If it's a person, I'm not sure if it's a girl or not, but I saw a whole bunch of white ink and tumblr designs, so I was pretty put off. When he/she/they actually sits down and does a solid, black tattoo, it's not bad...not that great, but not bad. I definitely wouldn't go to this person for anything, but half of the reason is just that I don't like the style.

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As @cltattooing says, anyone who makes tattoos as ugly as that should be avoided like the plague. It's difficult not to get angry when you see that kind of dogshit; it takes advantage of the credulous and is in direct contradiction to everything that is great about tattoos.

Please don't get tattooed by this person. Where are you living? I'm sure someone here with much more knowledge than me would be able to suggest an alternative shop/ artist.

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Yep I realised my last post might have come off a bit strong. Just having a rough day at work, and there's another picture of wonky circles and skid marks down someone's back.

But anyway, as Graeme says, you gotta learn chicken shit from chicken salad.

I'm a grumpy person so I'm not bothered by what you said. That tattoo, if you can call it that, that @cltattooing posted is so awful it can only imply that either the tattooer knows absolutely nothing about tattoos, which is certainly the case if she doesn't have any tattoos herself, or that she has absolutely no respect for her clients. Could be both. Either way, nobody should be making or getting tattoos like that.

There's unprecedented and easy access to good information now, there's no excuse for getting a bad tattoo.

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i'm generally a fan of most types of tattoo - i even like what most would consider a 'bad' tattoo

that said - i agree with the others here in that today - with social media being what it is

you should be able to get a good feel for what to expect from an artist

just the premise of beginning such a thread

tells me the OP is not confident of the skill of the artist

self reflection on this might indicate a need for the OP to 'keep looking'

hopefully the OP has already realised this

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