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A little story of a Lighthouse tattoo...


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Hello, greetings from Brazil !!

Well , today I talk about my problem that has been around for four months ... I made a tattoo of a lighthouse in the forearm, was beautiful, and everyone likes ... so far so good ... the problem is that in my head it It looks like a penis , and no one can convince me otherwise !! It's killing me , I think everyone is looking and thinking that, even everyone talking that does not seem !! What I do?? Help me guys !!! Look at the photos. ( Sorry for the English)


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yeah, @BrianH beat me to it...

I have a lighthouse too, hmmm I guess it looks like a candy striped ding-dong !


The world is like that. People will see penis in all things that are cylindrical.

Unless you got your lighthouse tattoo made by Dave Lum, I would get over it. You're tattoo looks fine


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