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Need advice for tattooing date?


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I haven't been active on here for a while, but since then, I have decided on a design for my first tattoo. I finally know what I want to get! I wanna get a crocodile, drawn by my childhood hero, on my left wrist (I shake hands with my right). I'm just stuck on WHEN to get the tattoo; I want the date to be significant.

Here are the dates I am considering:

-February 22 (birth date)

-September 4 (death date)

-November 15 (holiday in his honor in Australia)

If I go with September 4, then I must decide if I get it this year or next (next year will be 10 years since he died).

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Maybe not worry as much about the date of the tattoo being applied to your skin, but work an important date into the tattoo design itself, if the date is significant. Then you can work with your artist to see which date lends itself, artistically, best to your design, since you've got several dates to choose from.

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Whatever date you get the tattoo...your first at that...will become significant in it's own right.

I got my first tattoo on May 6, 2003...a week after my last university exam, 3 days before my birthday. May 6th is now a really important date for me which I celebrate every year. Just this last May, I broke my 200hr mark on the anniversary of my first tattoo 12 years ago :)

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