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I'm excited to join this forum :) I'm trying to nail down my next tattoo idea and I'm struggling so any ideas are welcome! I'm really passionate about charity and helping others and second chances and being the change you want to see in the world, etc. but I want to try and express it graphically or at least incorporate some kind of pictures/graphics instead of just a quote... Thoughts???

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Welcome AudreyMarie! My thoughts are that you're approaching this in the wrong direction. Think of something that appeals to you visually first and is a strong and long-lasting design and think about the meaning of that later. The reason I say this is that, speaking from experience about my own tattoos, the tattoo is always larger than the intentions we put on it. The meaning of a tattoo is going to change many, many times throughout your life, so get something that is going to look great. As far as expressing the sentiments you stated above, what about looking at Buddhist imagery and iconography? An Avalokitesvara or a White Tara tattoo, for example, could fulfill what you're looking for.

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