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I'm fairly new to tattoos. Only have one at this point in time but it will quickly grow as time and money allows. I have a few designs in mind. The major one being ying and yang type angles on my back either side of my existing tattoo.

Can't offer much in the way of advice as I'm very novice but looking forward to learning and getting ideas and tips from the community.


- - - Updated - - -

A quote that was told to me from my grandfather, who was the toughest bastard I knew, was "cowards die many times in their lives. The valiant taste death but only once". It's Shakespeare but holds a lot of meaning to me. Unsure how I want it done and definitely want opinions of design and placement. It's a long quote so the way it's done would be quite important so it's easy to read.

- - - Updated - - -

Can't seem to post my existing tattoo. Will try again in the morning

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