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First tattoo


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Hi everyone, i have just registered on this forum. I am 21 year old girl from Kosova, just got my bachelor degree in Marketing and Sales.

Anyway the main reason why I am writing this right now is because despite all the good things that have happened to me in my life there are some bad things too. My mom was sick, my heart was broken and stuff like this that I dont wanna bother you. In order to feel at least a little bit better I have a need to get a small tattoo in my finger (not the one with quotes and long sentences), just one symbol or word that descr loneliness, emptiness and in the same time to encourage me that life will get better. So I would appreciate if you have any idea for me to share it.

Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day ✌?️

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well you probably wont get alot of responses here on this

but i'll bite

first tattoo and your going for something on the finger

meh - bad idea imo

you're better off buying an inspirational piece of jewelry

or a bracelet

if you're still wanting a tattoo

get a real tattoo

look through some of the galleries or threads on here

think about things you like, images etc

and then start searching for artists in your area

look at their work, etc

and go from there

but a word on a finger

when you have no other tattoos

like i said bad idea imo

but good luck either way

my opinion is just that

just an opinion

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