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Hi, I've been enjoying looking at some of the tattoos on this site and they look fantastic.

I'm an artist and I've recently been asked by a friend to design a tattoo for him (Silhouetted angel against a background of flames to go on an upper arm) - I don't have any tattoos myself but I'm quite excited about this project. I've been researching tattoo design as obviously I want to do a good job for him and give him something that he can take to a tattoo artist and it work.

My artistic style is quite detailed and scribbly (hence my name) and I'm a bit worried the lines may be too fine to translate into a tattoo, and I've been asking other friends with tattoos who have said that lines tend to blur and spread with time so a lot of detail may be lost. To give you an idea, my drawings can be seen on my website Portfolio - ScribbleBeth

I don't want to give him something that is ultimately unworkable, or put him through unnecessary time, pain and money for something that all blurs together after a couple of years. I'm happy to simplify and alter my style to suit the tattooing process. Any tips?

Thanks, ScribbleBeth

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Welcome Beth. Honestly, the finer points of tattoo design is verging into technical information and we don't talk about things like that here so I'm not sure how much help or advice you're going to recieve. With that said, I would advise you to pass on the work and instead tell your friend to seek out a good tattoo artist with his ideas and get him or her to design and make the tattoo. It will work out much better that way.

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Hi Beth, welcome to the forum!

If your friend wants you to design this because he particularly likes your style, then just draw an angel with flames as you normally would. Then he can take your art to his chosen tattoo artist who will do the necessary adaptations.

If he has asked you because he doesn't really understand that creating the art is a part of what a tattoo artist does (this seems to be commonly misunderstood - many people think they should bring a finished design to their tattooer), then as @Graeme said just pass on the work and recommend he have his tattoo artist do the design.

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