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Hey everyone


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Hey guys thanks for having me! I'm Bry, originally was Wales U.K but now live in alberta canada!

I have 6 tattoos and I am specifically looking for some suggestions regarding my latest one! I figured with this many pros and tattoo fans someone can help me out.

I recently had a sun on my side but I am not entirely happy with it as, too me, it looks too tribal.

I would love some suggestions on how to make it more feminine, my main idea right now is to add a mandala design in the middle

I would love to hear some thoughts and thank so much for your help!

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Wait a while, if it is so new that you're still peeling. Let it sit. If nothing else, you'll have time to get inspired.

I think mandalas are to this decade what a tribal sun was to the 90s, so there's that.

"More feminine" - add flowers, pearls, birds, jewels, sparkles, Tomas Garcia dotwork Tattoos by Tomàs Garcia in rainbow colors :cool:

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