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Hey everybody

My name is Brian. I have been tattooing for a little more than 5 years at American Classic Tattoo in Athens, GA. I try to learn something new everyday when it comes to this industry, and i am blown away by how many amazing artists there are these days. I am sure it has always been this way but now that the internet is on full throttle, i guess it is just easier to get exposed to all the awesomeness. I am humbled to be hanging out on this site with some major names, and i hope to not look like a total dipshit! anyways, wassup!

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Hey Brian,

Thanks for joining us! We'd love to see some of your work, no need to be shy. I've been to Athens, it's a great town, I bet your shop does pretty well. What's your shop like? What's the clientelle like? Who are your mentors and sources of inspiration? What type of stuff do you like to do, what do you not like to do? What's the best tattooing advice you've ever gotten? Please post some pics of your favorite stuff, K?

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i only asked because i really like it. it's very simple, but i love how your signature (or i'm assuming that's what it is since you feature it on several of your other paintings) is at the top and almost looks like a little crown.

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    • I agree. It looks sweet. My bet is you'll probably grow to like it. At least give yourself that chance!!
    • I did a quick search and found only a no-info website page and almost no input facebook page. The Owner's name isn't even prominent or possibly even listed, so I can't really react to historical reference artwork or ability. Not comforting here from the outside.  The example you posted could be understandable to the closely initiated, but it's too small to provide any real detail. Hopefully you're going much bigger if you're intending to add a tree or two to the mix.  The results, feel and comfort gained (or not) from your consultation is going to be paramount.   
    • Looks good. Leave it alone!!! A dark tattoo on dark skin, you’re going to wind up with a big unreadable mess if you keep screwing with it.
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