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Looking for Tattoo Help!


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Hi Everyone! My name is Kym and I'm looking for help in the tattoo world! I've had a few tattoos done that I didn't leave thrilled about and so I figured I better join a community where I could get all the help I can! I'm looking for artists in the bay area, and I specifically joined to find help with one tattoo in particular. Looking forward to talking with you all!


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Download the brag art list

It's an app that you can find on your app store for iphone and android and you input your location and it pinpoints all well known famous and seriously talented artists near you. It wont just pinpoint any old shop. Only the best of the best get on that list and it links you to their facebook and instagram etc so you can check out their work before you make your decision.

If you find it in the yellow pages move on!

Good luck.

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Bay Area? Say no more....look here:

Spider Murphy's - San Rafael

Blackheart - SF

Skull and Sword - SF

Tempel - Oakland

FTW - Oakland

State of Grace - San Jose

California Electric - Soquel (Santa Cruz)

And there are many more. You live in tattoo Mecca!

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@el twe I've heard this about the bay area, yet I had some work done that I wasn't happy with right here in the bay. Ugh, I should have done more research, but I went off of a referral from a friend and now I'm looking to fix it. I have a pretty unique yet specific thing I'm trying to address. I had a cover up done on my ankle. The cover up is very, very dark to the point that unless you're standing with your nose up to it looks like a black sock and I'm so unhappy with it, to the point of embarrassment. I know that in order to cover, it has to be dark but even the parts that were new ink are just as dark. I'm researching the idea of someone that can lighten it somehow and give it some depth and detail with white maybe? But I've heard mixed opinions about this. The artist who did the cover up told me it's just not possible, but I've read it and even heard from someone on this site that it is. I also want to add to it so that the addition will be brighter and possibly take the eye away from the dark.

So, I'm looking for an artist who can use white, or a technique or whatever they can to lighten a bit the tattoo I have and add to it as well. I'm starting to feel that I might be out of luck, which makes me so sad.

- - - Updated - - -

@9Years Oh, thank you so much!! I'll start my research there!!

@Kate0710 that is also a perfect start, an app... how convenient. Thank you guys for your help!!

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    • Yessir I still have a 2 bicep bands scheduled with the same tattoo artist. He says he’ll know exactly how to do it for next one because now he knows how his depth should be with my flesh especially on the inner bicep. He says we should be good no issues. what do you guys think? Should I continue - he says the tattoo would be free given the previous ones. 
    • It takes 6-8 weeks to heal. You’ll know then, regardless of how many times you ask or how you word the question. Having said that, thin delicate skin, like where you got your tattoo, is most prone to blowouts and thin lines make them the most obvious. There is nothing you can do except cover them up if it really bothers you. It’s been asked dozens of times.
    • hi guys, ive recently had 2 band tattoos done and it’s been 5 days since. first is the wrist band (3 lines) and the second is the ankle band (1 thick line between 2 thin lines) I’ve been rubbing Richie Bulldog certified hustle butter on it daily (twice a day) since taking off the plastic cover. First plastic seal was put one for 24 hours then I washed it and dried it and put another plastic seal for 48 hours. So I’ve rubbed hustle butter since Wednesday evening. my questions are: - are these major/minor blowouts? - would you continue using same tattoo artist after these blowouts? - tattoo artist is willing to fix them with same skin tone ink to camouflage it (after it is fully healed) free of charge - would you move forward with this? - how long does it take to fully heal? - if tattoo artist is willing to do a free tattoo for this inconvenience, should I consider it? ankle band: front view: Outer side view : : inner side view: Back:  
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