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Looking to get my first tattoo(s) - Traditional


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Hey all,

I'm glad I found this forum since my usual avenue for looking stuff up (reddit) wasn't cutting it. Lurking the past few weeks has really helped broaden my understanding of different artists to check out and helped me gather inspiration in the galleries and posts.

I have always held off getting tattooed due to stigma in my work field (something about old conservative men not liking tattoos) and my wife wasn't big on them, but I've kind of reached a point where I've stopped caring what others think.

I want to get a piece in a similar style to what Kirk Jones is putting out from Good Luck in Melbourne, AUS. The colors and linework are killer and while there are tons of great traditional tattooers, I haven't found artists that are real similar. I would love to travel to AUS, but its not really in the cards right now and his next guest spot in NYC is a bad time for me work wise. Anyone have any suggestions of similar artists to check out? I'm out in Richmond, VA, but not opposed to traveling around the US. I have some vacation time set aside in October so it's really the perfect storm. Also considering trying to set something up with Mike Rempe at Lakeside in RVA for a more traditional second piece. Just found out about him earlier today and his stuff is sick.


Thanks for reading!

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sounds like you are doing your homework - good luck and welcome

of course make sur to post pics of your tattoo once you get it

IG is a dangerous time sucking place


you can really get a good feel of what to expect from the different artists

as so many of them post regularly their work

anyway - i hope you get some good inisghts here as well

both of those pieces you just posted are pretty dope

hope you get a killer piece on ya too

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Not to be too much of a wet blanket, but.... if tattoos would negatively affect your relationship and work maybe you should hold off? Or at least get somewhere not generally exposed??

That's a good point. I was planning to go with the thigh, so it won't be visible in a professional setting. I would love to start working on a collection to create a sleeve, but not ready to take that plunge yet.

Thanks for the Absolute Art suggestions. I've heard of that shop referenced a few times but more for Brian Bruno and his Japanese work. Now traveling down a new IG rabbit hole lol.

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Man, Richmond is a mecca for tattoo work. Definitely check out Absolute Art - and Brian can do it all (traditional/Japanese/etc.). Anyone at that shop is killer though.

Kirk Jones does some really awesome stuff and his style is reminds me of Ron Henry Wells (especially those clipper ships), who is based on the east coast here. I think New England area. That would be a much easier travel spot for you.


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I'm in Richmond as well and you've got your choice - this town has a number of wonderful artists!

Also check out Salvation (https://instagram.com/salvationtattoo/?hl=en) where they do a great job with traditional pieces.

The Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival is in November, so keep that in mind as well, there's a great lineup of artists: Artists - Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival

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