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Got my first tattoo on Sunday... All I wanted was a simple pretty memorial tattoo just "PD" with a halo. They guy made it too big and didn't place it where I wanted... Also it now looks like a drunk 5 year old drew it on my leg. It is on the inside of my ankle. I need to get it covered once it heals.. Any ideas for a cover

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First off, you want I should go and bust his knee caps for ya?

As for a cover up, the thin lines and small overall size should make it fairly easy in the hands of an expert. You'll need to put something a good bit larger to cover it. I'm thinking a rose.


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What would inspire you or reflect something important that happened in your life?

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Did you not look at the drawing or stencil before the tattoo? Placement and size are more the responsibility of the the person getting the tattoo. I'm not saying to to beat anyone up, but if you are planning on getting more tattoos, it is vital that you communicate with your artist.

I agree...It isn't that big so a cover shouldn't be a problem, but I'm no artist..

Flowers are always a good cover (and make new banner with the PD under it) ;)

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