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Uncle Tys

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My name is Tyson (as im sure you already noticed) from Sydney NSW.

I have a full right sleeve of tattoo's that are either Sydney or Germany related with a few quotes chucked in.

Since the theme is Australian (Sydney) / German (Herford) i have got the german ones (mostly done in Germany) and the Sydney ones im attempting to get atleast one person from every tattoo shop in Sydney.

I have just recently covered up a silly tattoo on my back with some planet/galaxy tattoo which i love and is the link between my right and left arm (just started on my left sleeve recently)

I have work done by over 15 tattooist across the world from: Australia, Indonesia, Holland, Germany, Malaysia (so far)

Sydney shops include - Kings Cross: Max and Pete's Tattoo (Max, Pete and apprentice have all done work) and Sleevemasters. Bondi Beach: Bond Ink. Redfern: Work Of Skin. Central: Illustrated Man. Bondi: Kaleidoscope (Irish and Japanese artists). Bondi Junction: Eastsideink and 119 (Sam). Chippendale: Venomous Ink (Lady Venom/Ilana) , Beaconsfield: Hunter and Fox (Sanchez). Newtown: Skin Deep (Sam). German work done by White Trash in Berlin. International art done In Amsterdam, Buddah Face Tattoo Studio 3 and Gangga Kirana Studio Bali (Singapore work to come next month)

You can see some pics of my work on my page.


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I was a member of the recovery team for Apollo 14.Im getting some space themed stuff too.

Then you'll love this. It looks like NASA has posted almost every Apollo mission photo in high resolution on Flickr. They even have the blurry photos.



Many of these were processed by my grandmother when she worked at JSC. I wish I knew where the photo paper 11x17's that she gave me went. :( Some of the not perfect prints could be taken home by the photo lab workers.

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Thanks guys appreciate it. Got some more ink this week in Malaysia and Indonesia will be uploading the pics when I get back to Aus on the weekend as I'm not sure how to do it through the TapTalk app on my iPhone

P.S. Great pics @thetig !

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