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The Paul Sayce Interviews & The Paul Sayce Footage

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Paul Sayce and I are working on two films at the moment. The Paul Sayce Interviews is Paul interviewing tattooers who predominantly started tattooing in the 1960's/70's (Dennis Cockell and Ed Hardy so far, with more to come.) Also we've filmed a part for a bonus/extra feature about Jock of Kings Cross. And another bonus/extra part with Duncan X talking about learning to tattoo from Dennis Cockell in the 1990's.

The Paul Sayce Footage will be highlights from the hundreds of hours of footage Paul has taken throughout the last 30 or so years. Near enough none of which has been seen by the general public. For now I won't say what will likely be on it, but as we get further I'll post here and on Instagram - http://instagram.com/paulsaycefilms

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On 14/12/2016 at 0:49 AM, Hands On said:

just received this DVD and i'm currently getting paid to watch/listen to it on my laptop at work. i'm only 30min in and already inundated with information from Mr. Don Ed Hardy.


Very late reply..! But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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