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Hey there ladies and gents, as I'm sure thousands have said in the past I've been a long time lurker of this form. I may have broken a cardinal by posting on current thread prier to indroducing myself. I've had a long term fascination with Japanese culture starting as a younger. My interest has progressed into a deep love for the folklore and art. I've been on the pursuit of what I perceive to be beautiful art on the body. I'm currently living on the left coast but born an raised an hour outside nyc. Now that I'm a part of this community I hope to add what little input I can from time to time and soak up as much as I can.

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Hello and welcome from Texas.

I'm also a long time lover of Japanese art and history. I think it started when my grandmother give me a katana my uncle brought back after WWII. (it is the only object I'd be sure to take with me if there was a fire in my house)


If you are into Instagram be sure to follow among other, bestirezumi, japan_tattoo, and especially japanesecollective.

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